We Nurse Your Every KG over every KM

At Your Service Logistics build customised logistics solutions to tailor each of our client’s needs. With a highly motivated team and using the latest technology we’ve build an infrastructure that acts as a catalyst allowing our clients to provide their customers with the ultimate supplier chain experience.


Warehousing & Distribution:  

Location, Location, Location!

We are situated in the very central Elsies River suburb, in a secure business park. This Allows your clients to be served timeously and as frequently as possible. Leaving you with a service level no one can compete with.

Many companies have gained a competitive advantage by having stocks available and at the right location to meet customer needs. Decisions like storage location and size are critical to improving customer service value, and offer the company and opportunity to formulate a marketing strategy.

  • Reduced cost and lower capital expenses
  • Access to technology and management skills not currently available in the company
  • Improved customer service by exploiting existing skills
  • Competitive advantage through increased market penetration
  • Increased access to information for planning
  • Reduced risk and uncertainty


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Whether your needs are great or small, At Your Service Logistics can provide a wide range of supply chain services that can be integrated into customer’s contract warehousing solutions, including:

  • Operational technology and inventory management systems to ensure ultimate order accuracy and inventory integrity
  • Pick and Pack distribution systems
  • Freight consolidation to lower the total shipping cost
  • Tracking to ensure the end result of order fulfilment within delivery deadlines
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer service management
  • Demand management
  • Order fulfilment
  • Product development & commercialisation
  • Handling of returns
  • Distribution communications
  • Inventory control
  • Material handling
  • Purchasing
  • Packaging
  • Salvage and scrap disposal
  • Traffic and transportation

Supplier Chain Management Services

Supply Chain Architecture Models for Planning

Contract warehousing can range from basic warehousing services such as receiving, storing and dispatching items to a more sophisticated warehousing service involving data interfacing with detailed inventory management, and pick-pack to unit level using scanners.


Storage Solutions

Are you relocating and in need of short & long term storage?

MSU (Mobile Storage Units)

What is a MSU?

An MSU is a large wooden box that is delivered to your home or place of work in its own transporter and left there whilst you load the items you wish to be stored. When you have loaded the MSU we collect and take it back to our secure depot where it is safely put away with your own pad lock.

What size is the MSU?

The MSU is approximately 2.4m high, by 2.4m long and 2m wide. The internal dimensions equal 11.52 cbm. Carefully loaded each MSU should contain approximately 2 rooms’ worth of items.

Delivery & Collection:

Included in our standard delivery / collection charge we allow for 2 hours before we schedule collection. This can be extended by prior agreement with our operations. Further MSUs can requested.

Storage Facility:

The storage facility is located on our premises at Unit 12A Central Park, Epping Avenue, Elsies River. Located in safe and secure business park that has 24 hour security.

We also offer Storage solutions as you require them. More customised storage spaces for clients who want to store goods that require a larger area, short term & long term. Choose from single or double racking with a further choice of drive-in or bulk stack storage.



Nationwide Haulage:

We collect and deliver freight for our clients, leveraging our national footprint to ensure your goods get where they are supposed to be. When they are supposed to be there!

Our freight management system helps us to measure and achieve high performance standards, and offer our clients tailored solutions to achieve better time and monetary management, as well as providing transparent information.

Custom Solutions:

If you have a need that does not fit into established categories, please click here to experience our “round peg in square hole” service!

At Your Service Logistics competitive advantage is our level of flexibility, innovation and maximum efficiency of inventory management systems while continuing to focus on the three key areas of people, resources, and technology.


Event Logistics

At Your Service Logistics offers management and coordination of Events & Projects. We have a dedicated team to handle your needs as well as keep you updated with market related trends. This portfolio includes:

  • Budget Management
  • Document & Permit Management
  • Event Staging & Lighting
  • Event Hospitality
  • Specialised Transport & Chauffeuring
  • On Site Management